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Rudolf Steiner, the father of Waldorf Education, believed imaginative play in childhood held is the key to creative thinking in adulthood. Children learn best through imitation, let them show you what they're learning by giving them the tools.

A simple toy filled with so much joy, the Rolling Fox is a must-have for your wooden toy collection. Fit with four wheels upon a little fox body, this toy is made to help develop fine motor skills and coordination. Pair this Raduga Grez staple with the Forest Set for a fun woodsy adventure. 

Introduce animals, colors, sounds, encourage fine motor skills and grasping, teach direction (backwards, forwards, north, south, east, west)...the possibilities are endless.

  • Includes: 1 fox
  • Size: 3.93 x 4.72 x 1.18 in.
  • Non-toxic waterbased paint
  • Handmade with solid wood

*Please note that this item is handmade with natural wood and may show signs of imperfections.

Item is being discontinued and will no longer be available once sold out.

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