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Belly Butter smells of rich chocolate and calming lavender and is made with anti-oxidant rich oils and butters that bring moisturizing nutrients to tight, itchy skin, reducing chances of unsightly stretch marks.

Slather your belly and whole body with the healing and nourishing elements of cocoa butter*, sunflower oil*, hemp seed oil*, avocado oil*, shea butter*, mango butter*, beeswax*, arrowroot powder*, vitamin e (non-gmo), essential oils of lavender* and good energy. (*organic)

COCOA BUTTER- has the ability to penetrate the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and also the dermis (middle layer). Because cocoa butter can deeply penetrate the skin layers, it is an excellent moisturizer for extremely dry skin and it contains large amounts of vitamin E that is necessary its for skin growth, renewal and repair.

SHEA BUTTER- is particularly effective moisturizer because contains so many fatty acids, which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity.

AVOCADO OIL- a rich and extremely deep penetrating oil, rich in vitamins A, D and E, lecithin as well as potassium.

Belly Butter comes is a compact and convenient 2 oz and 4 oz jar. A small amount goes a very long way.

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