Yuzu + Rose Handmade Shibori Ring Sling - Indigo

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Yuzu & Rose is a brand committed to creating beautiful, practical, and earth-friendly items for families who value both style and gentle materials in the products they choose for their babies. Free of any type of harsh chemicals and dyed naturally using plant-based pigments, our products are designed to be your favorite piece of babywearing style while giving you peace of mind in your baby’s well being.

Introducing The Sakura Edition! Our first variation from the traditional Indigo Shibori dye method. As always, we use 100% cotton and offer a machine washable product, something important to us as practical parents.

Yuzu & Rose Ring Slings are 100% machine wash and tumble dry. In fact, the fabric will become softer and feel more broken-in the more it is washed and dried. Please use cold water when washing. Fading or changes in color over time are to be expected with all naturally dyed material.

Our material is 100% lightweight cotton. Never treated with chlorine bleach or optical brightener. Grown with less water and pesticides than conventional cotton, and sourced from Better Cotton Initiative farms. 

The rings we use are specifically designed for baby slings and with your baby's safety in mind. Made in the USA and tested for strength, impact, corrosion, and temperature. CPSC certified. 100% aluminum, lead and nickel free, giving us confidence not only in the composition but in the function and safety of our product. 

What is Shibori?
Shibori is the ancient Japanese technique of folding, twisting, bunching, and binding fabric before dyeing it in a vat of indigo.

What is Indigo?
Indigo is a dye made from the pigments of plants found in the Indigofera family. It has been used for thousands of years and across many cultures to achieve a range of beautiful blue hues. Indigo dye is an all natural and organic compound that is safe for baby’s delicate skin. It is also 100% machine washable!


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