A Modern Parents' Guide to Nursery Rhymes

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It’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re going to hum your baby back to sleep with . . . “The Simpsons” theme song? Help is here: A Modern Parents’ Guide to Nursery Rhymes is the crash course for every new mom or dad who wants to give their child the simple pleasures of traditional nursery rhymes but can’t remember a single one past the first line.

With its hip approach, witty headnotes, smart packaging, and link to an album of downloadable music, A Modern Parents’ Guide to Nursery Rhymes (previously published as Humpty Who?) is the ultimate curated collection of 75 classic poems, songs, lullabies, rounds, and riddles. Once upon a time every parent knew all about “Little Jack Horner” and “Oh Mr. Sun,” “Little Miss Muffet” and the “Three Blind Mice,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Shoo Fly.” And now you will, too. Plus, readers will learn the intricate finger ballet called “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” how to play the game of finding Thumbkin or act out “I’m a Little Teapot” or get their child rocking giddily to “Banbury Cross.” In addition, there are explanations for curious children (and grown-ups)—for example, what exactly a “tuffet” is, how to make “pease porridge,” what else on the bus goes around in addition to the wheels. Suggestions for reciting poetry of the greats—Shakespeare, Blake, Emily Dickinson; tips on how to improvise; and the secret to an “Om” that just might abate the next munchkin meltdown.

The downloadable album features the rocking “Hell’s Kitchen Moms and Babes Ensemble,” and is both great to play for baby and a fun way for parents to learn the music that goes along with many of the rhymes.

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