Early Learning Counting and Stacking Game


Created by our team of designers and childhood experts, this toy is a great aid for children’s development.
Doing, undoing, redoing tirelessly allows children to grow while having fun.
This toy allows them to develop their manual and visual coordination, to observe, to learn about numbers from 1 to 10, to sort by color and to classify, notions that they will acquire naturally.
Accompanied by their parents, the children discover all the richness that this wooden toy offers. Designed so that children can also make discoveries on their own, this early learning toy also complies with the Montessori teaching approach.

• Wooden toy.• Montessori early learning toy.• Observe, analyze, understand, trial and error.• Designed to develop the child's visual and manual coordination.• Develops fine motor skills.• Introduction to numbering from 1 to 10.• Learning colors.• Sorting, classifying, observing, placing in the right place.



Vilac is a toy company founded in Grenoble, South East of France, in 1911. Originally crafted from beech trees in the French department and mountains of Jura, many toys are still made in this area. Over 100 years later and Vilac remains a prominent maker of wooden children's toys in France and Europe. Hours of entertainment are provided by their pull toys, musical toys and more.

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