Iceland Early Learning Triangle


This early learning triangle, gently illustrated by Michelle Carlslund, plunges little ones into the world of the ice floe.
Placed like a tent or vertically, each side is full of surprises to develop the motor skills of children from 1 year old.
There are so many things to discover: gears to operate, little heads to turn, an owl and a fox to make travel, a snow cylinder to turn and beads and clouds to move on a wire!
In the bear's igloo, a small side door with elastic hinges allows the child to retrieve the pieces he or she has touched panel on one side.
With many different activities, this wooden play triangle is a must-have in the world of children.

• An early learning triangle.• 5 insertable figurines.• A door to get inside.• An owl and a fox to move along a path.• A sound cylinder to simulate the noise of snow.• Gears to turn.• 3 tokens to turn.• 2 wire paths on which to move beads and clouds.

• Durable, wooden toy.• Promotes the development of fine motor skills.• Numerous and varied activities.• Cognitive development.• Stimulates the imagination.• Develops logical abilities.

Ages 1+

Made in China


Vilac is a toy company founded in Grenoble, South East of France, in 1911. Originally crafted from beech trees in the French department and mountains of Jura, many toys are still made in this area. Over 100 years later and Vilac remains a prominent maker of wooden children's toys in France and Europe. Hours of entertainment are provided by their pull toys, musical toys and more.

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