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This high-quality children's night light is handmade from 100% natural pinewood, making it as strong and durable as it is beautiful. Our adorable Little Lights Whale Lamp is bound to inspire awe and breach your little one's imagination on sight. View one up close by ordering today!

  • Size (in inches): 14.5×11.5×2

  • Solid Pinewood
  • Remote with Power Button, Dimmer & Timer

  • Read. Play. Sleep. Regardless of the activity, our dimmable LED lights adjust easily to set the right mood for any occasion.
  • Can be hung on the wall

  • LED Lights / Warm White 2,2W

  • Input: AC 100-240 Output:DC24V

About Little Lights

Childhood is full of bright and colorful memories. And at Little Lights, we’re dedicated to bringing even more of that positive light into your home. A family owned and operated business, all our unique, handmade products are individually and carefully manufactured at our workshop (and home) here in Krakow, Poland. We hope our lights will awaken your child’s imagination and inspire the warm glow of childlike joy in your home the same way they have in ours.

Every Little Lights lamp is hand made, hand painted, and built from natural pine wood – so they don’t just last through childhood, they last generations.


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