Night + Day Shape Sorter


Enter Suzy's chic Kawai world and fall in love with this sweet round shape-sorter that will help stimulate your baby’s curiosity. A day side, a night side, a sun drum and a star stick to pat the drum!
Hey! Oooooh! Surprise... The shapes make fun little noises.
The sweetest one is certainly the water droplet, with its lovely kaleidoscope!
Designed by our team of creative mums and playful dads, this shape sorter will help your baby learn fine motor skills and encourage them to look, listen and touch.

Vilac 8908 - Early learning - Wood - From 1 year old.
Contents: A shape sorter and 7 accessories
Illustrations: Suzy Ultman


Vilac is a toy company founded in Grenoble, South East of France, in 1911. Originally crafted from beech trees in the French department and mountains of Jura, many toys are still made in this area. Over 100 years later and Vilac remains a prominent maker of wooden children's toys in France and Europe. Hours of entertainment are provided by their pull toys, musical toys and more.

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