Snappies - Bamboo Flushable Liner Roll for Cloth Diaper

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The Bamboo Biodegradable Flushable liners make cleaning simple by taking the liner along with the solids and flushing it away. They are designed to lay on top of your absorbent layer to help keep solids contained and make clean-up an absolute breeze. You’ll notice less work when washing, less staining and less odour issues.

Price listed is for a single roll. Each liner roll has 100 tear away sheets.

Please note that although the biodegradable flushable liners are made to simply dissolve in water it can cause blockage, damage drains or septic systems. If you choose to flush please remember you are responsible for the capacity of your plumbing. To prevent blockage we recommend that you discard pee-soaked liners in the garbage and allow soiled liners to soak and absorb water for a few minutes which will allow it to break down better before flushing.

  • Fabric content: 100% Bamboo Biodegradable Flushable Liner

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