Tribe RAINEY JANES Shoes Baby and Toddler

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Starry Knight Design shoes are handmade in Montana USA by a team of local women with high-quality 100% leather and suede. Since 2008, We have been designing and making soft-soled leather shoes for your tiny babies up to kids. Our Shoes are great for ages newborn to 4years:

- Soft and non-restrictive for developing feet.

- Soft Elastic band around the ankle.

- Help keep socks on newborns.

- Great for babies crawling around.

- Perfect for balance when they start standing and walking.

- Suede bottoms help make non-slip for floors.

- Good for house/daycare shoes for toddlers! Or with our Add on soles even outdoor shoes.

Starry Knight Design Shoes - 100% high-quality leather and suede. - Handmade in Montana USA  - Please measure the child's foot before ordering to select the correct size. Add 3/8"-1/2" to measurement to get the correct sole length.

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