The Bird & Elephant Mixed Fabric Rattle Sensory Block - Medium/3"

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Woodsy high contrast baby blocks featuring black and white Aztec prints, woodland animals with their babes, including raccoon, owls and bear. The colors of this block are gender neutral: black and white, teal, pale blue, rust brown, aqua, shades of teal and grey. Each block is loaded with ribbons that baby will love to twist and tug on. The rattle inside is a great attention getter, and the plushness of this softies is great for cuddling, with no hard or sharp corners to hurt heads or eyes. These blocks are super soft, stuffed with polyfil and each has a rattle nestled inside. The top panel of each block is 100% cotton chenille, cozy to touch with added texture to explore. These blocks are a top baby shower gift!

Small = 2 inches

Medium = 3 inches

Large = 4 inches


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